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Det kontantløse samfund Feedback

This event is a Panel Discussion in Danish. The topic of the Discussion is the growing demand from many Danish politicians, to allow more and more shops not to accept cash but only accept credit cards and other digital based methods of paying.

Most fixed and variable expenses from Danish households passes through one single payment infrastructure, which makes it possible to know lots of details concerning peoples habits, viewpoints and membership of political parties etc.

Now this knowledge might grow broader, since many Danish politicians wants to constrain - and perhaps along the way avoid - the use of cash.

Cash seems to be considered more and more as potentially dirty, perhaps because they could have been earned without taxation.

On the other hand cash is still the only feasible way to pay for goods and services in a secure and anonymous way.

Should the Danes give up their own privacy when paying, to make sure that their neighbors can't get away with cheating?

That dilemma is what this debate is about.

This event will be moderated by Anders Kjærulff from the Danish radio program "Aflyttet".

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  • Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2019, 14:30 (CEST) - Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2019, 16:00 (CEST) at Speakers Tent