The Bar team runs the Bar and DJ booth

Communication Channels

BornHack 2018 teams primarily use mailing lists and IRC to communicate. The Bar team can be contacted in the following ways:

Mailing List

The Bar Team does not have a public mailing list, but it can be contacted through our main email

IRC Channel

The Bar Team public IRC channel is #wip-bar on


The Bar Team is responsible for the following tasks

Name Description Action
coordinate delivery of goods keep track of delivery dates, arrange pickup... Details
draft initial order create a spreadsheet with inital order, vendor, price Dagrofa, Svaneke, Bornholmer ├śl, ice... Details
restock track stock, re-order goods on time, arrange pickup/delivery, Details


The following 4 people (and 3 pending) are members of the Bar Team:

Name Status
jagenau Team Responsible
@klarstrup Team Member
wild_octa Team Member
telling Team Member
niburu Team Member (pending approval)
denner Team Member (pending approval)
kugg Team Member (pending approval)

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