Piotr Skowron

Over 15 years experience in IT as: Linux Administrator, Network Security Engineer, DevOps, Product Owner and Release Manager.

I was building bank infrastructure on all the layers (app, network, SAN, NAS) from the scratch up to handling few thousands users on-line, upgrading aviation industry services infrastructure to handle raise from under 8k tps traffic and implementing global deployment systems which are now used by UBS Swiss Bank. I’m most focused on delivering apps to production environments in secure and stable way without bothering developers and release managers more than it's necessary.

I’m currently working as DevOps engineer in a Swedish startup which delivers e-sign solutions. My main tasks involve managing AWS cloud infrastructure as code, optimizing metrics and monitoring and maintaining our CI pipelines.

Thanks to my wide experience as DevOps but also Release Manager and Product Owner, I've decided to create a open source tool which will address both roles. Free release management & deployment solution is called PutIt. I would like to tell you more about it, as it's free, awesome and could make DevOps, Developers and Release Managers lifes much easier.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piotr-skowron-5ba6672/

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