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User privacy and GDPR Feedback

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation is intended to be a constraint for Big Data monopolies, but it will also be an opportunity for sharing data between private and public entities. Therefore, GDPR will reshape both the market and the public sector's use of Big Data. We are interested in discussing how this reshaping will look like, how does data ownership change, what are the challenges and opportunities of implementing the law and how will user privacy be impacted.

Members of the panel come from various backgrounds: advocacy group representatives, journalists, academia, private and public sector. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to present their standpoint, a panel discussion will follow and 30 minutes Q&A session.

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Schedule for User privacy and GDPR

  • Friday, Aug 25th, 2017, 16:00 (CEST) - Friday, Aug 25th, 2017, 17:30 (CEST) at Speakers Tent