What is BornHack? Info by the Orga team

What is BornHack?

BornHack is a 7 day outdoor tent camp where hackers, makers and people with an interest in technology or security come together to celebrate technology, socialise, learn and have fun. Participants hack on their own projects, learn from each other, discuss, use, dissect and modify technology and much more. BornHack provides power, Internet, and other necessary infrastructure, the participants bring everything else.

When is BornHack 2017 happening? Info by the Orga team


BornHack 2017 starts tuesday august 22nd, 2017 at noon (12:00). It will be possible to access the venue before noon if for example you arrive early in the morning with the ferry. But please don't expect everything to be ready before noon :)


BornHack 2017 ends tuesday, august 29th, 2017 at noon (12:00). Rented village tents must be empty and cleaned at this time, ready to take down. Participants must leave the site no later than 17:00 on the closing day (or stay and help us clean up).

Travel Information Info by the Orga team

Public Transportation

From/Via Copenhagen

There are several ways to get to Bornholm from Copenhagen. A domestic plane departs from Copenhagen Airport, and you can get from Copenhagen Central station by either bus or train via Ystad or the Køge-Rønne ferry connection.

Plane (very fast, most expensive)
You can check plane departures and book tickets at dat.dk. There are multiple departures daily. The flight takes approximately 25 minutes.
Via Ystad (quick, cheap and easy, crosses Sweden border)
You can drive over Øresundsbroen to Ystad or you can take the train/bus from Copenhagen Central Station. You can buy train and ferry ticket at dsb.dk (Type in "København H" and "Rønne Havn"). More information about the crossing. The crossing takes 1 hour 20 minutes. In total about 3 hours 15 minutes. Due to recent developments an ID (passport, drivers license or similar) is required when crossing the Denmark/Sweden border.
Via Køge (cheap, slow)
Take the S-train to Køge Station (you need an "all zones" ticket) or travel by car. The ferry terminal is within walking distance from the station. You can check out prices here. It takes approximately 1 hour to get to Køge. The crossing takes 5 hours 30 minutes.
You can take Rute700 from DGI Byen (next to the Central Station) to Rønne Havn, it takes just under 4 hours and is priced at 300DKK for an adult - See rute700.dk for booking.

From Sweden/Malmö

To get to Bornholm from Malmö you may take a train from Malmö to Ystad and the ferry from Ystad to Bornholm.

Skånetrafiken runs trains from Malmö C to Ystad every 30 minutes. Trains leave at 08 and 38 minutes past the hour. Go to skanetrafiken for details.

The ferry from Ystad to Rønne leaves four times per day. Morning: 08:30-09:50 Noon: 12:30-13:50 Afternoon: 16:30-17:50 Evening: 20:30-21:50 Booking the ferry tickets prior to departure can drastically reduce the price. See "Getting from Rønne to the Venue" final step.

From Abroad

If you are going to BornHack from abroad you have different options as well.

Sassnitz (Germany)
There is a direct ferry taking cars going from Sassnitz ferry terminal which is 4km away from Sassnitz itself. The company is called BornholmerFærgen and the tickets cost 32€ (outgoing) and 25€ (return). It can also be booked from aferry.co.uk. The ferry departs for Bornholm on Aug 27 at 11:50, 13:30, and returns to Sassnitz on Sept 03 at 08:00, 09:00. Detailed timetable: English, Danish.
Kolobrzeg (Poland)
There is a passenger ferry from Kolobrzeg to Nexø havn.

Getting from Rønne to the Venue

The venue is 24km from Rønne. We will have a shuttle bus that will pick people up and take them to the venue. You can call the BornHack phone on +4531550497 to book this. It is also possible to take a public bus to near the venue. Local taxis can also get you here. The company operating on Bornholm is called Dantaxi and the local phonenumber is +4556952301.

Driving and Parking

A car is very convenient when bringing lots of equipment, and we know that hackers like to bring all the things. We welcome cars and vans at BornHack. We have ample parking space very close (less than 50 meters) to the main entrance.

Please note that sleeping in the parking lot is not permitted. If you want to sleep in your car/RV/autocamper/caravan please contact us, and we will work something out.

Where is BornHack going to take place? Info by the Orga team

The Venue

Venue coordinates: 55.011520, 14.975360
Parking space: Across from Bonaveddevejen 12, 3720 Aakirkeby
Main entrance: Next to Bonaveddevejen 12, 3720 Aakirkeby
Service entrance: Baunevej 11, 3720 Aakirkeby

Where do I Sleep? Info by the Orga team


BornHack is first and foremost a tent camp. You need to bring a tent to sleep in. Most people go with some friends and make a camp somewhere at the venue. See also the section on Villages - you might be able to find some like minded people to camp with.


We rent out a few cabins at the venue with 8 beds each for people who don't want to sleep in tents for some reason. A tent is the cheapest sleeping option (you just need a ticket), but the cabins are there if you want them. Go to the shop to book a cabin.

Bicycles Info by the Orga team


At BornHack we have bicycles available to borrow for free. They come with helmets, locks and lights. Noone should spend a week on Bornholm without seeing a bit more of the island. If you want to go sightseeing, grocery shopping, or just feel like riding a bicycle, you should take advantage of this offer.

Bicycle Booking

To book one or more of the bicycles go to the infodesk and make a reservation. It is free.

Food and Groceries Info by the Orga team


We know that hackers like to cook for themselves for many reasons, not limited to vegetarians/vegan diets. Everyone is encouraged to cook their own food, either in their own village kitchen or in the food area. Please note that coal powered barbeques are strictly forbidden on the camp grounds for fire safety reasons. If you want to cook with coal use the big barbeques in the food area! Gas and electrical barbeques are allowed in villages, as are gas burners and cooking plates / hotplates.

Food Vendor

By popular demand our food vendor Simon will return with his high quality locally sourced sausages and burgers (including vegan options). Compared to last year the menu has a few new items to look forward to. Simon will be open all 7 days from 12:00 to 20:00.


Thanks to our sponsor ShopGun it is possible to rent a shelf or drawer in the fridges provided in the Food Area. If you rent all 6 shelves of a fridge as well as the drawer you can take the fridge to your village. Go to the shop to order.


Before you can cook anything you need to get some groceries. The closest place to buy groceries is a small place approximately 3.5 km away at Pedersker. About 7 km from the venue there is a larger selection at Aakirkeby. About 20km from the venue at Nexø there is an even larger selection still. We have a shuttle bus that will transport participants to and from grocery shopping, free of charge. See the shuttle bus section for more info.

The Outdoor Kitchen

Part of the food area is a large outdoor kitchen area where participants are invited to cook their meals.

The Outdoor Kitchen for BornHack 2017 will feature

  • Lots of seating. Both covered by roof and in the open.
  • Running hot and cold water and tables for food preparation. You must bring your own dishes and other cooking/eating equipment.
  • Ample barbeque capacity, including a barbeque exclusive to vegans/vegetarians. We sell charcoal in the kiosk.
  • A bunch of pots and pans for your boiling and frying needs (picture below).
  • Hot plates for heating said pots and pans.
  • A set of toastie/panini/whatever makers (picture below).
  • A couple of microware ovens.

Villages without a kitchen of their own are invited to utilize this area for cooking. Please clean up after yourselves! :)

Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians are welcome at BornHack. Our food vendor sells vegan sausages and burgers. You can also cook your own food in the food area, where we have a large (1 meter diameter) barbeque reserved for vegan and vegetarian food.

Infodesk and CERT Info by the Orga team


CERT is short for Community Emergency Response Team. In case of a dangerous situation (accidents, fire and so on) these are the people to contact.

While the infodesk is open (from 10:00 to 20:00 every day) the CERT people can be reached here. Outside infodesk opening hours CERT can be reached at the official BornHack phonenumber which is +4531550497. This number is open 24 hours.


The infodesk is where you go to find an organizer when you have questions of any kind. The infodesk is also where you go to:

  • Book a ride on the shuttle bus
  • Book one (or more) of the ten available BornHack bicycles
  • Get any merchandise you bought

The infodesk is located around M15 on the map (right outside the food area in the direction towards the bar).

PROSA Bus Info by the Orga team

To BornHack, the 22nd of August

The timetable for the trip to BornHack is as follows:

  • 12:00 - Departure from Aarhus, the bus stop at Thomas Jensens Alle/Valdemarsgade
  • 13:45 - Stop at Hjallese/Odense Syd (a.k.a. Rød Billet stop) at Odense
  • 16:00 - Stop at PROSA, Vester Farimagsgade 37A, 1606 KBH V
  • 18:30 - Depature with the ferry from Ystad in Sweden
  • 20:30 - Arrival at campsite

From Bornhack, the 29th of August

The timetable for the trip from BornHack is as follows:

  • 15:15 - Departure from campsite
  • 16:30 - Ferry from Rønne
  • 18:00 - Arrival in Ystad
  • 19:30 - Arrival at PROSA, Vester Farimagsgade 37A, 1606 KBH V
  • 21:40 - Arrival at Hjallese/Odense Syd (a.k.a. Rød Billet stop) at Odense
  • 23:40 - Arrival at Aarhus, the bus stop at Thomas Jensens Alle/Valdemarsgade

Nice to know

Following is nice to know for PROSA bus passengers:

  • The bus travels through Sweden, therefore be sure to remember photo ID for crossing the Swedish border. A passport or driver’s license will suffice.
  • Bring snacks! It might be a good idea to bring snacks for the trip since there will not be much time to do shopping on the stops.
  • If you are traveling from Copenhagen you come by PROSAs offices on Monday the 21st at and offload your baggage if you need to. The doors will be open between 16:00 and 19:30.
  • If you are only travelling one way or have any questions contact Vidir on vvg@prosa.dk

Power and Network Info by the Orga team

Internet Connection

BornHack will have a 1Gbit fiber uplink to the outside world generously sponsored by BornFiber. We have plenty of IP space to go around, courtesy of RIPE NCC temporary assignment.


BornHack will have both wired and wireless networks. The default networks will run with public internet addresses (v4 and v6) so you must protect yourself with a firewall at all times.

The wired network will provide DHCP but also allow manually configured IP addresses, using peg DHCP (RFC 2322). If you want to set up servers we recommend to do so with static IP's. You can also use static configuration on clients to avoid attacks involving rogue DHCP servers and similar.


We are working on sorting out the details. Plugs will be standard European 230V supply with Danish type K plugs. Standard red 400V 16A CEE plugs will also be possible.

Wireless Network

There will be multiple wireless networks, using standard IEE 802.11 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

We will also provide a wireless network which is put behind NAT, which is similar to usual guest networks. NOTE: NAT IS NOT SECURITY, use caution always - turn the firewall on.

One SSID will also be configure to use WPA Enterprise with 802.1x aka EAP-TLS - where any credentials can be used. There is no central user management or account creation, we just use EAP-TLS to get the encryption it provides for individual users.

Showers and Toilets Info by the Orga team


The bar area and a couple of other places will be equipped with a few pissoirs. We realize that pissoirs are only helpful for people with a certain genital layout, but we prefer to think they help everyone (by "taking the load" off of the regular toilets).


BornHack has nice shower facilities. The showers will be cleaned twice daily and should be more than sufficient for our needs. The showers not divided into genders (unisex) since they are individually lockable. The showers are permanent installations, inside a real brick house - they are not temporary showers put up for the event.


The toilets are unisex like the showers. The toilets will also be cleaned twice per day, so they should be nice. Like the showers, the toilets are also permanent installations inside a brick house. A year may come when we have to use porta potties at BornHack, but it is not this year!

Shuttle Bus Info by the Orga team


The BornHack shuttle truck will be available for transporting participants to and from Rønne to the venue. The shuttle truck holds 6 passengers and plenty of luggage. To let us know you need transportation call the BornHack phone at +4531550497. Please call as soon as you know when you need a pickup so the drivers can coordinate effectively.

The shuttle bus leaves from the parking lot at 10 and 16 for shopping.

Grocery Shopping

During the event the shuttlebus will be taking participants to and from grocery shopping. To book a ride on the bus go to the infodesk. The drivers are flexible so if you prefer a specific grocery shop just let the driver know.

The shuttlebus can't wait outside for hours while participants are shopping. You either pick up your groceries in max. 20 minutes, or you arrange a return pickup time with the shuttlebus.

The Bar Info by the Orga team

The Bar

The bar area is the place to go when you are all hacked out and want to socialize with the other participants. Enjoy a cold beer or drink and some music, and discuss your projects with the people around you.

Opening hours will be compatible with the average hackers drink/sleep cycle.

Venue Map Info by the Orga team


Small - Medium - Large

The map is divided into a rudimentary 10x10meter grid which has been given coordinates. We have outlined the important areas of BornHack on the map. Going from the south towards the north:

  • The Main Entrance is at the bottom of the map. This is the only way to enter and exit BornHack for participants.
  • The dark blue square in the botton is the Caravan Area. All caravans, campers and cars for sleeping in should stay in this area.
  • The red areas in the edges of the map are off limits and not part of BornHack.
  • The white squares represent the Speakers Tent.
  • The yellow square in the middle is the Noisy Area which also contains the bar marked in purple.
  • Everything from the tree line at 27 going south all the way to the entrance is part of the Nature Area. This area has uncut grass, trees and flowers for the nature lovers.
  • The green blob in the left side around 12-15 A-F is the family area. This area also contains the Young Hackers tent.
  • The orange bit around row 10-11 is the Food Area. It contains the ourdoor kitchen and food vendor described elsewhere on this page.
  • The house at K10 to L10 is where the workshop rooms can be found. They are on the first floor, use the staircase from the Food Area.
  • The bulding in M9 is the toilet and shower building.
  • The light blue square at row 4-5 J-M is the Quiet Area. Please avoid noise in this area!

Villages Info by the Orga team

Registering a Village

You can register your village here! If you don't want to make your own village you might be able to find and join one that suits your interests. Get in touch with the villages team if you have any questions!

Renting Village Tents

Villages can also rent village tents via us. The tents will be ready when you arrive and will be taken down again after you leave. The tents have optional floors and you can rent folding tables and chairs as needed. You do not have to register a village or have a concept to rent a big tent.

What is a Village?

If this is your first hacker camp the term 'Village' might be confusing but it is fairly simple: a village is just a spot on the campsite where you and a bunch of your friends/like minded people camp together. Apart from peoples individual tents which they sleep in, many villages bring a large common tent where they can hack and hang out during the day.