Talks Bringing method to justice: lawful hacking in the EU 2017

Covert disruptions of computer system security has developed into being a popular law enforcement tool for bringing the bad guys to justice since the entry into force of Budapest Convention. In spite of several attempts to codify in Swedish law a right for law enforcement officers to use this tool since 2005, the exact legal procedure has not materialised. But the latest and strongest attempt yet to provide law enforcement with such tools is due to be presented in September and November of 2017.

This talk covers the activist project to insert strong consumer and individual protections in the law that afford to law enforcement officials hacking as an investigatory method. It will also talk about the ways in which the campaign attempted to maintain contact with the public government inquiries over the year, and put the Swedish developments in a European context in light of covert surveillance methods being discussed in the EU since 2016.


  • Wednesday Aug. 23 11:30 - 12:30