Talks Beyond our own noses -- context to an ongoing revolution

The digital revolution is warming up its engines. This community knows better than most others how much it is going to turn every stone and change the world as we thought we knew it. With this kind of change comes as much challenge as potential, as much risk as there are chances. It is our generation and the generation of the young ones we are bringing to this event, to shape a future that will cater to our needs as a society and that will make use of the positive potentials digitization can bring while making sure we are not turning the world into a full-on nightmare of surveillance and social injustice. Very often it is hard to see the wood for all the trees, so this talk will put the things into a broader perspective. It will focus on providing context for a revolution which certainly is unique in detail but follows a historic pattern, discuss the broader social side of things and shine a light on where we could to take it from here.


  • Thursday Aug. 24 16:30 - 17:30