BornHack 2017 Organiser and Volunteer Kickoff 2016-10-18

BornHack 2016 (The Initial Commit) was a success thanks to volunteers helping out to make everything work. We want to build on this and encourage even more volunteers to help out with BornHack 2017.

This is an official invitation to anyone interested in becoming volunteers for BornHack 2017 to join the BornHack 2017 Organiser and Volunteer Kickoff on Saturday, November 12th at Prosa.

The agenda for the day:

We hope to see many people interested in influencing the next BornHack and we can't wait to work with all of you. Please sign up using this Doodle if you are coming.

The kickoff happens at Prosa, Vester Farimagsgade 37A, 1606 KĂžbenhavn V. Call the BornHack phone +4531550497 if the door is closed.