BornHack 2016 Reunion Party 2016-10-18

We would like to invite friends, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, keynotes, and their friends to join us for the first BornHack reunion party.

The event will take place at Farfar Bodega in the inner city of Copenhagen on the 12'th of November 2016 from 20 o'clock until the last hacker leaves the venue in the early morning. We hope to make the reunion a yearly recurring event - just like BornHack itself.

Please sign up to the reunion party using our Doodle.

You do not have to participate in the BornHack 2017 kick-off session to participate in the reunion - everyone is welcome :-)

Beverages is on your own - the bar accepts Dankort, VISA, and mastercard as well as cash.


The BornHack 2016 reunion will take place at:

Farfar Bodega & Dans
Skindergade 20,
1159 KĂžbenhavn K

The 12th of November, 2016 from 20 o'clock to the venue closes.