BornHack Wish: Flightcases with 19" racks

For use as part of the network infrastructure, the NOC team is looking for a bunch of flightcases that can fit switches and similar for the POPs (Point Of Presence) that we have distributed around the camp site. They should have space for a minimum of 3 units, and the depth should be a minimum of 40cm (for the equipment to fit) The flightcases do not need to be new, but should be sturdy enough to be outside for 2 weeks in danish weather, though we can cover them so they don't need to be waterproof.

Number needed: 10

This wish was created by the NOC Team for BornHack 2020 on Monday, Mar 30th, 2020, 21:41 (CEST). If you can help please visit their team page for contact info!

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