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Events for BornHack

We want to have a short meeting each day for all available volunteers who aren't busy with either team tasks or enjoying BornHack!

We meet in the star tent in front of the info desk. Members of Orga will be present, and we'll go over issues that we ought to fix on-site. Once we are done, we will do a quick pass over some of our areas to ensure they are nice and tidy!

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  • Wednesday, Jul 17th, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Wednesday, Jul 17th, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Thursday, Jul 18th, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Thursday, Jul 18th, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Friday, Jul 19th, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Friday, Jul 19th, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Saturday, Jul 20th, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Saturday, Jul 20th, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Sunday, Jul 21st, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Sunday, Jul 21st, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Tuesday, Jul 23rd, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Tuesday, Jul 23rd, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)
  • Wednesday, Jul 24th, 2024, 14:00 (CEST) - Wednesday, Jul 24th, 2024, 15:00 (CEST)

BornHack 2024 is almost over at this point. We would like to say farewell for now and see you again at the next event in 2025.

We will walk over what we believe has worked and what we believe should change the next event. This is an excellent opportunity to submit ideas for BornHack 2025 while the memories are still fresh.

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  • Tuesday, Jul 23rd, 2024, 16:00 (CEST) - Tuesday, Jul 23rd, 2024, 17:00 (CEST)

The BornHack 2024 team would like to welcome you to this year's BornHack event. We will walk over changes to the venue, schedule, and other information about the event itself.

This is also an excellent opportunity to meet the teams behind BornHack.

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  • Wednesday, Jul 17th, 2024, 21:00 (CEST) - Wednesday, Jul 17th, 2024, 22:00 (CEST)