Radio Operations Centre – We're in charge of all radio communications at BornHack (the two-way "walkie-talkie" type – for DECT phones, head over to the POC).

We set up and run our site repeater, keep track of radios in use and make sure we always have a freshly-charged reserve so our awesome volunteers can always come by and pick up a handset when they need one.

Some volunteers bring their own radios. It's our responsibility to make sure that they are provided with the relevant information so they can configure their radios accordingly.

It's also our job to make sure people are comfortable with using the radios and know how to operate them. We introduce volunteers to radio protocols and lingo for use on the venue, so that we can avoid chaos and ensure clear, effective communications.

Communication Channels

BornHack 2023 teams primarily use mailing lists and IRC to communicate. The ROC team can be contacted in the following ways:

Mailing List

The ROC Team does not have a public mailing list, but it can be contacted through our main email

IRC Channel

The ROC Team does not have a public IRC channel, but it can be reached through our main IRC channel #bornhack on