Nicolai Søborg

Former DTU student, now working as Reverse Engineer for Aiia (Spiir)

Open-source enthusiast, interested in cyber security, practical cryptology and loves to play CTF (Team Kalmarunionen).

This is my third year going to BornHack as part of the camp

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In this workshop, we will decompile/reverse engineer/unpin your favorite Android app.

This will allow us to see the (scary) amount of background traffic being collected, find the secret endpoints used by the app, etc

The workshop will start with an introduction to downloading APKs, decompiling APK, hooking and changing functions in the app. The workshop will run as a self-help workshop, meaning that you can pick any app to work on, but if multiple people pick the same app then … Read more


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Lightning Talk: SSH Tricks

SSH is a great protocol, but doing ssh user@ip sucks.

In this talk I will go though:

  • Aliases
  • ProxyJump
  • Agent forwarding (and the dangers of using it!)
  • Multiplexing
  • ed25519
  • 2FA
  • paramiko
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