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This is a fun workshop for anyone who can safely work with hot glue and sharp knives! We will be making a striking yet simple optical illusion, that works very well: a portrait whose eyes seem to follow you from left to right, and back. Why not make a spooky lifelike portrait of Big Brother, your favourite philosopher or poet, Che Guevarra, Ada Lovelace or Greta Thunberg? Maybe you'd like to have a picture of your mother or father watching over you (and the cookie jar)? Now you can!

  • Skills needed: glueing and cutting. There is some painting involved; help is available if needed.
  • The material costs of this workshop are € 3 or DKK 23,-
  • Please bring a print or drawing that you would like to use. The face should be large enough (the size of your hand is a good minimum size) and both eyes should be clearly visible and open. Ideally, the face on your portrait is large enough to make up most of an A4 and the distance between the eyes is 3 cm or more.

Tip: the Infodesk can print images for you, in color.

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  • Friday, Aug 20th, 2021, 09:00 (CEST) - Friday, Aug 20th, 2021, 12:00 (CEST) at Workshop Room
  • Wednesday, Aug 25th, 2021, 15:00 (CEST) - Wednesday, Aug 25th, 2021, 18:00 (CEST) at Workshop Room