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This is a fun workshop for anyone who can safely work with hot glue and sharp knives! We will be making a striking yet simple optical illusion, that works very well: a portrait whose eyes seem to follow you from left to right, and back. Why not make a spooky lifelike portrait of Big Brother, your favourite philosopher or poet, Che Guevarra, Ada Lovelace or Greta Thunberg? Maybe you'd like to have a picture of your mother or father watching over you (and the cookie jar)? Now you can!

  • Skills needed: glueing and cutting. There is some painting involved; help is available if needed.
  • The material costs of this workshop are € 3 or DKK 22,50.
  • Please bring a print or drawing that you would like to use. The face should be large enough (the size of your hand is a good minimum size) and both eyes should be clearly visible and open.

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