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Pentest introduction - greatest hits Feedback

We will go through the greatest hits from

So expect to learn

  • What is penetration testing
  • Nmap how to get started, and a small test plan, how to scan a network using Nmap
  • Get started blasting packets, from single packets with Nping and Scapy
  • Trying wi-fi scan, I have some loaner USB cards
  • Doing SNMP scanning, trying small brute-force using THC Hydra
  • Get started with VXLAN hacking, THC IPv6 attacks etc.
  • Get started with Metasploit using Metasploit Unleashed

Goal is to point you towards resources, so you can get started with the fun of scanning networks, finding vulnerabilities - so you can remove them, reconfigure networks etc.

You should install a Kali Linux as virtual machine, perhaps use this as inspiration: - the part about installing a Kali Linux

You can leave early, but it will be hard to join late, so be there from the start and leave when you like, please :-D

We will also use materials from courses described at which are official ECTS accredited courses, part of the Diploma in IT Security at KEA Kompetence.

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Schedule for Pentest introduction - greatest hits

  • Monday, Aug 23rd, 2021, 15:00 (CEST) - Monday, Aug 23rd, 2021, 18:00 (CEST) at Workshop Room