If this is your first hackercamp the term 'Village' might be confusing but it is fairly simple: a village is just a spot on the campsite where you and a bunch of your friends/likeminded people camp together. Apart from peoples individual tents which they sleep in, many villages bring a large common tent where you can hack and hang out during the day. It is also possible to rent a tent, chairs and tables in the shop!

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Our Code of Conduct applies to village names and descriptions!

Name Description Public
Anotter Collective

In a year without festivals and raves, we aim to augment the noisy area with a comfort zone for lovers of techno and experimental music. We provide a DJ stage and some basic decoration, as well as some livesets.

No schedule, no expectations. You know who we are.

Feel free …


Refugees from a small island.

Mostly those few of us coming from the UK will be socially distanced hanging out with the HSNL crowd. But raising a tattered flag here to announce our presence.

Bringing Marmite, a GPO 746, Hackaday, and of course BS1363 power. But no …

Crazy Sherwood Village

Yet again we're Back!!!

We have some ideas for improvements, but basically it will be our classic 4 coleman pavillions and a bunch of happy guys inside. :)

Most of us hail from TheCamp, but hangarounds are also present. :)

Freiburg Embassy (with Kieler extension)

We are a small group of german hackers from the CCC-Hackspace in Freiburg (south-west corner of germany) with one emissary from Kiel. Our village will be primary the starting point for exploring bornhack and maybe the surrounding.


We're back. More fun than ever.


Dutch Hackerspaces Village

Stuff to bring:

  • Some Software Defined Radio (with excessive bandwidth and resolution)
  • All about navigation using radio signals

Kungliga Statliga Hackverket


We are a Copenhagen based hackerspace with a wide range of activities. Software, network, electronics and various types of crafts and digital manufacturing. We are coordinating our participation at the Labitat wiki. If you would like to join, please add yourself on the wiki page or get in touch with …

NOP Village

Working hard at doing nothing.

There will always be a squirrel to excuse not working.

Network Warrior Weekend Camp NWWC

We do networks and will try to gather networkers, network equipment and such close to the Bornhack NOC, so we can talk about networks.

There will probably be a screen to show presentations and a small program of network related presentations, so come by and show of your network projects.


We are Pwnies, the CTF team who hosted the BornHack CTF 2017 and 2018!

If you enjoy hacking, pwning, ROP-chain generation, Python 2.7, Intel architecture, or just CTF's in general, or if you are completely new, then come on by and have a seat in our Village!

Ulvus Virtual place

Web3 place

🐍❌(🍓🍞) = 👕👖

Proud camp growing at the rate of 2^x every year.