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BornHack CTF 2020 Feedback

BornHack CTF is BACK, so prepare your Linux, python 2.7 and pwntools, it's time to hack ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶n̶e̶t̶ Fyn*


This CTF is of the Jeopardy style, and consists of multiple categories, including Web, Reverse-engineering, Pwn, Misc, and Crypto. Are you new or experienced, this CTF is sure to have challenges for you. The start and end date for this on-site CTF is not yet public.

If you get stuck with challenges, need some beginner help, or just need a good place to sit while hacking, then stop by the PWNIES VILLAGE.

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Schedule for BornHack CTF 2020

  • Thursday, Aug 13th, 2020, 13:00 (CEST) - Friday, Aug 14th, 2020, 00:00 (CEST) at Online
  • Friday, Aug 14th, 2020, 13:00 (CEST) - Saturday, Aug 15th, 2020, 00:00 (CEST) at Online