Talks Scratch, the most strongly-type-safe programming language

In this talk, we will be looking into how Scratch, a free visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab, is probably the best and safest language to start teaching kids on how to code given that it's incredibly intuitive for children of a very short age as it abstracts programming into a puzzle and it also provides a local language interface for many languages (Danish, German, Spanish, ...) as most non-Anglo kids don't really know English at a young age.

These are the main reasons for which I state that Scratch is the most strongly-type-safe programming language out there, even for us grown ups.

As a volunteer at Coding Pirates, there will be some funny anecdotes on the usage of this amazing language. We might even show some of the games produced by the kids, including some hacks that they found themselves in order to get a max score, hackers will be hackers, no matter age.


  • Saturday Aug. 26 14:30 - 15:30