Talks Hacking Information Security maturity assessment

Information Security maturity assessments are a powerful tool to (surprise!) measure and communicate maturity of Information Security within a business - if it's done right.

Come by and hear how you measure maturity so you get a hollistic view of security that can help you get a prioritized plan to improve security. And - most importantly - how do you communicate this to C-level? C-level is a hard target for a general geek to target, since they - literally - live on a different planet than us. So what language do you need to use to make them understand what the problem is and what it means for them?

In companies (at least in Denmark), the level of security is general is horribly low. Come by and hear which issues are usually found out there and how to fix them. Communication and prividing a practical approach to this play a big role in this.


  • Friday Aug. 25 17:30 - 18:30