Keynotes Automatic for the Robots - about automatization, disruption and the great techno-industrial-silliconspiracy

All political leaders in Europa has but one thing on their mind: Speedy Growth! And of course there is someone ready to deliver exactly that in large dosis. Silicon Valley is currently spreading the message of exponential thinking, massive growth and even the promise of true SINGULARITY by the year 2029(though rumours say, it MAY be postponed). Google is calling the shots, arranging conferences for political leaders and printing reports with enchanting names like ‘INDUSTRY 4.0’, 'SMART CITIES' and promising growth rates of up to 40 percent in no time! But of course there is a backdrop to all this: Massive unemployment caused by robots and Articifical Intelligence is both to be expected AND adored at the same time in the name of relentless PROGRESS. But who really benefits from this so called unstoppable, DISRUPTIVE future?
Anders Kjærulff gives his version of nightmare digitalization, where it might lead us, and asks: Do we really have to go along with this?


  • Wednesday Aug. 23 18:30 - 19:30