Workshops 10Gb Network Hacking and Fun for offensive and defensive purposes

Networking is a big part of the Bornhack event. We are a lot of people interested in making the most of networks, so we work with the hardware and software.

Special focus this year will be on 10Gbit Ethernet devices of which some advanced devices are brought by Napatech. The goal will be to allow you to learn and work with intelligent network adapters. So sending and receiving high-speed - think 10Gbit small packets for offensive and defensive purposes.

We will be located near the NOC team and tent, and have a setup where people can work independently after a common introduction we will do one of the first days.

Keywords: Intel 82599, 10Gbit, Junos 10Gbit interface filters, firewalling 10Gbit, Suricata 10Gbit, Bro, pktgen ...

We will be at the Network Warriors village


  • Wednesday Aug. 23 15:30 - 16:30