Sponsoring BornHack 2022 2022-04-29

We are looking for sponsors that want to help make BornHack 2022 a great event!

We firmly believe that people's financial situation should not affect their ability to participate in hacker community events. Consequently, we keep BornHack ticket prices low so everyone can attend. But venues, tents, internet, and electricity cost money, so we rely on sponsors to make ends meet.

BornHack sponsors are loyal, they usually stay on as sponsors year after year. Typical cash sponsorships fall between 10-30k DKK, enough to make a big difference in our budget!

Some are sponsors simply because they recognise the value of having a great annual event to strengthen the community. Others sponsor so they can get a shot at recruiting among the talented BornHack participants. Whatever the reasons we are very grateful for the help we are getting. Knowing that so many fine organisations want to see BornHack succeed makes us all work extra hard!

Over the coming weeks, we will be contacting existing sponsors to work out the details for 2022. If you hear about an organisation in a position to financially support BornHack please get in touch. More information about sponsor packages can be found in our Call for Sponsors.