BornHack 2022 Tickets 2022-03-31

It is with great pride and joy that we are announcing the seventh annual BornHack! We are looking forward to organising yet another fantastic event where the hacker community can meet up to learn new things, rekindle relations, work together, watch talks, socialise, and have fun!

Webshop and Ticket Sales

First of all: The ticket sales for BornHack 2022 are open! Prices for tickets are unchanged since 2016 (although inflation is threatening to change that in the future).

We have the usual selection of tickets: Adult (15+) tickets come in budget, student, standard, hacker, supporter and corporate versions. The only difference is the price. Please pay as much as you can afford! All the adult tickets give the same access to the event, the only difference is the price. Tickets for children 5-15 are also available, children under 5 participate for free. We also have 1-day tickets for adults or children who want less than the full week.

Members of Prosa should consider getting the new Prosa Hacker Ticket. This year we are trying out a new form of sponsorship from Prosa where the union pays half the ticket price for their members who wants to attend BornHack. We are hoping to make similar sponsor deals with other organisations in the future.

Tickets for village gear and cabin beds/full cabins are also available. Village gear prices have increased a bit, cabin prices are unchanged.

Regarding payments: If you have a Danish bank account we prefer a bank transfer, otherwise we prefer credit card or blockchain payment. You can even pay in cash if geography makes it convenient for you to meet with an organiser (like at a conference or someting). If you select cash payment and intend to pay at the event, and your order contains merchandise and/or village gear (where we have external costs), we will likely contact you by mail to make sure you intend to show up.

COVID-19 Restrictions

BornHack in 2021 and especially in 2020 were affected by the pandemic in various ways, from the physical distancing and restrictions at the venue to hard limits on the number of available tickets. We expect 2022 to be more normal with no government mandated restrictions and limited restrictions on the venue. We are of course watching the developments around COVID-19 as closely as we need to.