The BornHack 2019 Secret Token Game has begun! 2019-08-12

We have hidden a number of tokens at BornHack. They may be on the website or on physical items. They may be in the clear or they can be obfuscated or encoded.

The tokens are 32 bytes long and conform to this regular expression (

If you think you found a token you have to visit the BornHack website under /token/ to see if it is valid. For example, if you found the string dEq4Q9wUGqkGvzdTDUA39gRDkVSRHmqS you would visit while logged in to register your find. If the token is wrong you will receive a 404 page.

You can go to to see a list of the tokens you’ve already found.

Please don’t brute-force the tokens, it would take forever, and creates an unhealthy load on our servers.

Anyone who finds all the tokens will win a prize. At the Goodbye World talk on Wednesday we will announce the winners.

Happy hunting!