Art Competition at BornHack: The Future Companion 2023-08-05

This year we have a art competition running throughout the week at BornHack. The competition is organised by a sponsor and the three first places will win a ticket for BornHack 2024.

The theme for the art competition is The Future Companion and it is about showing your idea of what a companion could look like in the future. Is it a new kind of Tamagotchi? An avatar in the Metaverse? A robot dog? A clone of your grandmother? A mockingbird drone? An LLM chatbot? Something completely new?

You can use any form of media and technology including sculpture, digital art, interactive installations, and more.

Think big, be bold, and let your creativity unfold within the framework “The Future Companion”.

Submit your name or team name to: Caroline Sofie Axelsson · Life with Artificials · (back from holiday the 6. Aug.) and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 8th of August in the Speakers Tent.