BornHack 2023 Tickets Available 2022-12-05

We are happy to announce that the BornHack 2023 tickets are now available in our webshop. The usual ticket types are available: full week tickets for adults and children, as well as caravan tickets, car park tickets, cabins, and fridge tickets. One-day tickets, tents and other village gear are not yet available.

Since the first BornHack in 2016 we have kept prices the same (1200 DKK for a standard ticket), but increasing costs have forced us to increase the ticket prices around 10% this year. A standard ticket is now 1337 DKK. If you are able to pay more than the standard 1337 DKK for a ticket then please do so, it is highly appreciated.

We are planning a BornHack 2023 kickoff at Hylkedam from the 17th to the 21st of May. More info to come, but volunteers can mark the dates in the calendar!