BornHack Village at MCH 2022 2022-06-05

BornHack is going to MCH!

The big european hackercamps is where it all began for the BornHack orga, so of course we are going to MCH! We are organising a village for BornHack volunteers, participants and hangarounds, and everyone is welcome to join :)

We have a 5mx10m tent rented from MCH including tables, chairs, and benches. We usually cook some food on the barbeque in the evenings. Payment for tent and food is donation based and the system usually works well if everyone chips in.

The first time we did a big open BornHack village was at CCC Camp in 2019 and it was amazing. We hope to recreate some of the mood and atmosphere from that event, and maybe convince some of the other MCH participants to join BornHack!

If you are planning to join the village please send us an email to and tell us how many people and tents you are bringing, and if there is anything else we need to know.