Last-minute Extra Kickoff Details 2022-05-25

The BornHack 2022 Kickoff is finally upon us! We have been looking forward to it and can't wait to see everyone :)

We wanted to share a quick update to remind everyone about a few practical things as well as the schedule. Hylkedam is open for business from 15:00 today (Wednesday) and until 12:00 on Sunday.

The cabins are available for sleeping, and there is plenty of beds for all of us. Some people choose to bring tents or caravans which is also fine. We will be setting up a small camp with tents and caravans in food area which is close to electricity and toilets. If you are sleeping in the cabins remember to bring a bed sheet, sleeping bag or duvet, and a pillow.

We will have three meals per day, breakfeast is from 9-10, lunch from 13-14 and dinner from 19-20. Please make sure you have signed up on the Doodle so we know how many people to cook for! Jonathan (our usual volunteer chef during events) is arriving Wednesday evening and will be cooking all the meals.

The plan for the coming days can be seen here and we might change it up a bit as we get together and maybe figure out some better ways to do things.

Details about online participation will be out this evening or early Thursday where the kickoff begins at 11:00.