BornHack 2021 has begun! 2021-08-19

Today, August 19th 2021 at noon Danish time (12:00 CEST) BornHack 2021 is finally underway!

Preceeding the opening we've done a week of build-up with between 20-50 volunteers to get everything ready for you. The volunteers have been nothing short of amazing during build-up, we are extremely grateful for all the help. We will pay back the kindness by continuing to organise the best event we can.

We are ready:

If you have questions the infodesk or the Info Page can probably answer them. If you are looking for something check out the facilities section of the website. The map shows where everything is.

When you check in, the infodesk will also check your Corona passport to make sure it is valid. Please make sure you maintain the good habits with good hand hygiene (we have plenty of hand sanitizer available), and try to maintain social distancing.

If you spot anything that seems wrong and you think we should know about it you can always inform the infodesk, or you can report it on the facility feedback page.

If you want to help out by doing a couple of shifts during the event it would be appreciated. The teams that still need members are:

See the teams page for more info.

We have been looking forward to this moment for months. We can't wait to see everyone! Welcome!