Corona Passport Required for BornHack 2021 2021-08-11

BornHack is approaching fast and everyone is planning their trips. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and to all the good times ahead, but at the same time we are acutely aware of the massive responsibility it is to organise an event during a pandemic. We wanted to take this opportunity to clearly explain the Corona/COVID-19 rules we've set for participation, and also share some useful links for people travelling from abroad.

We managed to do a successful event last year because everyone acted responsibly, kept their distance, used hand sanitizers and so on. While a large percentage of us are now vaccinated, we are also dealing with more infectious strains than in 2020, so we expect everyone to continue to act responsibly. We take this very seriously, and we have zero tolerance for anti-vaccine or corona conspiracy stuff.

First things first: You will need to present a valid Corona passport along with your ticket to attend BornHack. Ideally everyone will have a valid Corona passport for the entire event, so if you are not vaccinated or previously infected we encourage you to get re-tested once or twice during the event. You can use this website to find a testcenter. We will not be actively re-checking Corona passports during the week though – only on check-in.

When attending BornHack with a test-based Corona passport (as opposed to a vaccine-based or previous infection-based one) we strongly prefer a PCR test over an antigen/"quicktest". PCR testing is free in Denmark, also for foreigners, and it is a much more accurate test. You can use this website to find a testcenter. If you are really unable to get PCR tested for some reason then an antigen/quicktest is also acceptable, but please consider it a last resort.

If you are travelling from abroad you will also need a Corona passport to get across the border. If you are travelling through multiple countries to get to DK you have to carefully check what you need for each border crossing to make sure your travel will go smoothly. When crossing the border into Denmark you can use for information. This page has info about the rules for entry into Denmark, depending on where you live. The same site also has a page about the Corona passport which explains how it works and how to get it. Basically you need either a recent negative test, to be vaccinated, or to previously have had Corona.

Edit 2021-08-14: There is a Danish Corona Passport App for iOS and Android, but it requires the Danish NemID, so this is just for residents in Denmark. If you are not living in Denmark, the type of Corona Passport should follow the EU Digital COVID Certificate standard, so that we can validate it during checkin.