BornHack 2021 and COVID-19 2021-05-02

It has been too long since the last update from the BornHack team, and summer is approaching fast!

Due to the COVID19 situation in the world we are (again) considering all options for whether executing BornHack 2021 will be possible in a safe manner. The intention is to have BornHack as planned in August, but we will reevaluate the situation once we reach the Call for Participation deadline on the 1st of June.

At this point we don't know what kind of restrictions the Danish government will have in place in August concerning events like BornHack. We expect a statement on rules for small events like ours soon though.

When we reach the start of August all Danes will be vaccinated, assuming the current vaccination schedule holds. We assume that the government will require events like ours to check some sort of corona passport for all participants, documenting either vaccination, recent infection, or a negative test. But we don't know any details yet.

Last year COVID circumstances forced us to limit participants to 150. This year we hope to be able to welcome twice as many. If last-minute restrictions force us to refund some tickets we will be refunding the latest sold ticket first. So if you want to make sure you can be a part of BornHack 2021 it is a good idea to buy your ticket now.

Like last year our refund policy for ticket holders is that anyone can get a refund for their ticket and related purchaces on our online shop for any reason, not just COVID related stuff.

With all the formal stuff out of the way: We are very excited about BornHack 2021. We all need it. We hope to see you there!

/BH2021 orga team