BornHack 2020 and the New COVID-19 Restrictions 2020-08-07

As promised an update on BornHack 2020 and the new COVID-19 restrictions announced in Denmark yesterday. Good news first: BornHack is going ahead as planned with 150 participants!

Like many of you we were very concerned about the announcement yesterday and how it might affect BornHack 2020. We've been in contact with the Danish authorities throughout the day, to clarify whether we are covered by "sektorpartnerskabsretningslinjerne", the documents which define the conditions of the gradual Danish reopening of society after COVID-19 lockdown.

The authorities has confirmed that BornHack IVS (the legal entity behind BornHack) is indeed covered as an IT conference, meaning the current limit to the number of participants is 150 as originally defined by our agreement with the Police in our public event permit.

We are thrilled that BornHack is going ahead as planned, and we want to take this time to remind all participants going here to continue to observe the usual guidelines from WHO and health authorities. We love all you anarchists, but in this case we ask that everyone follow the rules:

It goes without saying that if you have any flu-like symptoms please stay home and we will see you next year. If you are able to get a COVID-19 test before going here, great, but it is not a requirement.

See you all soon!