BornHack 2020 Status 2020-07-31

Today marks one week before the first organisers arrive at the venue to start buildup for BornHack 2020, and 11 days until the event officially begins. If you are joining us for buildup remember to join some teams, and please let us know you are arriving so we have an idea of how many to cook for and such.

At the moment of writing the COVID-19 situation in Denmark is pretty good and reasonably stable. The borders are open, but please double check for yourself before embarking on a long journey, see the links below. In case you need to prove the duration of your stay at the border the BornHack ticket PDF now shows the event dates, as well as buildup and teardown dates.

Denmark currently has no mask requirements, but it might be a good idea to use one anyway, especially in crowded places like public transport when travelling to/from BornHack. Danish pharmacies sell decent disposable masks, and reusable masks can be purchased in many places. There is also an official Danish contact tracing app which is based on Apple's and Google's stuff, but not open source :(

We've included a couple of links to official information from the Danish authorities below, specifically about visiting Denmark from abroad during the pandemic. We suggest you read them - they contain good advice, and some of it also applies if you are visiting us from inside Denmark :)

We have the permits we need, and at the moment it looks like we will be able to execute BornHack 2020 as planned, with max. 150 people. If something should change over the next 11 days, such as new restrictions because of a new outbreak, we will re-evaluate our options at that time.

We have a waiting list of around 5-10 people right now. If you are a ticket holder and you know you are not going, please contact us for a refund, others will be very happy to get your ticket.

If you are going then please consider submitting a talk or some such if you haven't already. We would love to have a bit more content for the program.

Until then, stay safe, make sure you pack clothes for all kinds of weather. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone on the 11th of August!