2020 Food Vendor 2020-07-12

Preparations for BornHack 2020 are ongoing and we are excited to announce that we've made an agreement with the food vendor who is going to serve food for the participants this year.

The food vendor will be S.C. Smørrebrød, they will be there all week, opening around 10-11 and closing around 21.

They will serve sausages, sandwiches and other traditional Danish "pølsevogns" food all day. Additionally, at lunch they will also serve "smørrebrød" - the traditional Danish "open sandwiches" on rye bread. In the evening they will serve some hot meal which will vary from day to day.

They will also offer vegetarian and vegan options, and of course there will also be a Food Area like there always is, with plenty of options for cooking your own food.

BornHack 2020 is less than 1 month away now. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming event!