BornHack 2020 Kickoff URLs and Info 2020-03-28

Today at 13:00 CET the much anticipated BornHack 2020 kickoff begins! We will be using our own Jitsi server for video meetings throughout the day.

The main stream will be at . Please join this one when we start.

The first part of the kickoff will be the Orga team presenting. This will be the biggest meeting of the day, so we will be streaming it to Youtube from 13:00 to ensure everyone gets a smooth experience. To ask questions you can join our IRC channel to ask or post the questions on this pad .

From around 14:00 we will break into team sessions in smaller Jitsi rooms. Many people help out on more than one team, we will try to accommodate this as much as possible. The team sessions take up the bulk of the day, and experience tells us each session can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes or longer, depending on the team.

Each team responsible will record the minutes of each team session, so if we do have overlapping meetings or you would like to know what happened in as session you missed you still can.

19:30 Party!

We'll meet in IRC on the main channel and at the jitsi server (if it can handle the inflow of people with camera streams).