Kickoff and Reunion Party Going Virtual 2020-03-18

Due to recent developments we are converting our kickoff and party on March 28th to online events. We still aim to have a great kickoff followed by a great social event, we just want to keep everyone safely at home while doing it.

We still begin the kickoff at 13:00 on the 28th - check back here for details about platform and stuff. You can participate just by listening in, but if you make sure your camera and microphone work you can engage much better with the conversations.

We will start the day with a shared session with everyone where we go over teams, major tasks, venue news, and other things. After the big session we will split into smaller team groups (likely using Jitsi) and discuss team specific topics. Expect the kickoff work to continue until dinner time, maybe 18 or 19.

Later in the evening we will transition to a more social event where people can catch up, make idle chitchat, get increasingly inebriated, play games and have fun.

We hope that everyone wants to join us to make the best of some difficult circumstances!