BornHack 2020 Kickoff & Reunion Party 2020-02-15

If you want to help make the next BornHack the best yet then you should join us for the BornHack 2020 kickoff in Copenhagen on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 from 13:00-20:00.

Are you considering volunteering for the first time? Are you a seasoned volunteer? Everyone is welcome to join us for what is usually a fun an productive day.

We will spend the day discussing how to improve and grow BornHack. The teams for BornHack 2020 have already been defined, so part of the job on 28th of March will be to better define and describe the tasks each team has to solve before and during the event.

Please fill in this Doodle if you intend to participate in the kickoff so we have some idea of how many people to expect.

This is a great chance to influence the team(s) you intend to help out on, so we hope to see a lot of people there!

The address for the kickoff is:

Dansk IT Medlemshuset
Vermundsgade 38
2100 København Ø

Please make sure you've eaten lunch when you arrive - as always we have a lot to get through. We will order some pizza for dinner around 18-19 when we get hungry - and fill up on snacks until then.

Later in the evening we would like to invite everyone to join the annual BornHack Reunion Party. The party will be from 21-late and the location will follow soon. The party is open for everyone in the community, even if you are not a volunteer or didn't participate in the 2020 kickoff.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!