New Logo 2020-01-31

Ever since we decided to move away from Bornholm we have been wanting a new permanent logo. The old logo (the outline of Bornholm) has served us well, but since we no longer have the event on Bornholm it doesn't make much sense as a logo anymore.

Black on white:

White on black:

With a Background:


We have been collecting inspiration for the new logo from the community for a while, and especially at 36c3 we got many awesome suggestions at the BornHack assembly. We are very, very grateful for all the fun and inspired suggestions.

At our assembly we had set up a place where creative minds could contribute their ideas, and among them we found the "laptop-tent" idea we decided to go with. Credit for the idea goes to Karen Melchior who drew the idea at our assembly during 36c3. Many thanks to Karen! <3

Refinement and finalisation of the logo was done by our own Thomas Flummer from BornHack orga team. We will be updating social media profiles, website, and publishing a design guide on Github later.

For now, have a few more examples of the new logo in action: