Prosa Ung as Food Area Sponsor - No Prosa Bus This Year 2019-07-28

One of our biggest and most loyal sponsors Prosa Ung has generously sponsored the extremely popular "Prosa Bus" from 2016-2018. The Prosa Bus offered participants cheap and easy transportation to/from Bornholm. This made a lot of sense because Bornholm is a bit far away from everything. But the new venue Hylkedam is only ~3km from a train station, which means it is much easier to get to and from.

With that in mind we have asked Prosa Ung to sponsor our new Food Area instead of the Prosa Bus this year, and they have agreed. Prosa Ung will continue as Platinum Sponsors like the previous years.

Participants looking for cheap transportation instead of the Prosa Bus can check out the DSB Orange tickets.