Car Park Tickets and Caravan Tickets 2019-07-08

This year we've introduced two new ticket types to be aware of.

One is the Car Park Ticket which you need if you want to use the car park for your car. The Car Park Ticket is 100,- DKK for the full week, and you will be able to drive the car during the week if you need to. The parking area is conveniently close to the main entrance. Please not that for fire safety reasons it is not permitted to sleep in the cars in the car park.

The other new ticket type is the Caravan Ticket which you need if you want to sleep in a caravan, autocamper or other sleeping vehicle inside the camping area. These vehicles will not be able to arrive or leave during the event, except in special cases. The Caravan Ticket is also 100,- DKK.

You can buy both of these new tickets in the Transportation category in the webshop with whichever payment method you prefer. You can even pay them in cash on arrival if you wish.