BornHack 2019 and CCCamp 2019-06-16

First things first: There is no conflict in dates between BornHack 2019 and CCCamp 2019! It is possible to attend both events and experience two great hacker camps this summer.

The BornHack organisers are looking forward to both events, and we are planning to pack up and move much of BornHack to Germany and set it up again as a BornHack village in the "Nordic Cluster" called The Cold North.

We are going to leave the BornHack venue on August 18th around noon. The plan is to drive to the CCCamp in a convoy and arrive for setup in the evening of the 18th. We encourage all BornHack participants who are also going to CCCamp to join our convoy and travel with us. You can either stick around and help with the teardown (we can always use the extra hands), or you can leave on the 15th when BornHack 2019 is over, and come back on the 18th when we drive to Germany.

We are bringing a big truck which has room available for some tents and luggage. We have no room to carry people, so you will need your own car to join the convoy. You are welcome to travel with the convoy even if you don't have any plans to stay in the BornHack village at CCCamp.

Bonus link: Convoy 1978 movie Theme Song [Youtube]