Announcing 2019 Logo and Tagline 2019-05-12

We are very happy to finally announce the 2019 tagline and logo.

If you went to our 2019 kickoff at the new venue Hylkedam then you've already heard the tagline. You might even have seen the logo if you follow @BornHackBadge on Twitter.

The tagline for 2019 will be:

A new /home

since we are moving to a new venue this year.

We are very happy with how this years logo turned out. It was designed by Martin Nagel Larsen. Remember to let him know if you like the logo, you might be able to find him on this years camp.

Without further ado, here is this years logo:

And in this years colour #FFED00 and with a nice star background it makes for a great desktop wallpaper (4K resolution):