BornHack 2019 Tickets for Sale 2019-02-12

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to buy your ticket for BornHack 2019 in the shop! This will be the fourth BornHack, for the first time at our new venue Hylkedam on Funen.

We have kept the prices at the same level as the previous years. Divide by 7.5 to get an approximate price in EUR.

We also have more expensive tickets available (and remember Bitcoin payment is possible! :)) for hackers who are able to pay a bit more.

Finally we have Corporate Tickets available for 2500,- or 5000,- DKK if you have an employer paying the ticket.

We have the usual payment options available. We prefer Bank Transfer (but please remember to pay the fees in your end!) or Blockchain payments. You can even pay cash if you happen to find yourself near an organiser. Finally we do accept Credit Cards, but we ask that you consider using the other options first.

Go get your tickets in the webshop now!