BornHack 2018 Design Contest 2018-03-04

The creative elements of BornHack 2016 and 2017 such as taglines, color profiles, logos, and merchandise design came from the organiser group. For BornHack 2018 we would like to host a Design Contest for the BornHack community.

We are looking for participant submissions for the following design categories:

You can see older designs and assets

The designs should work in a monotone color setting where only two colors are available. We have picked green #008026 (CMYK: 1.00, 0.00, 0.70, 0.50) as the color of choice for BornHack 2018. This color will be used for various components on the website as well as the festival wristbands, and could be used in design submissions.

Submission Information

The submissions must be licensed under a Creative Commons license and cannot be a non-commercial license, as the merchandise shop should be able to sell products with the designs on. We might reach out to ask permission to remix your submission in ways that we find appealing.

The submissions should be send to with the subject "Design Contest 2018" no later than the 20th of April, 2018. The winners will be announced no later than the 1st of May.

The winner(s) will have their name on the BornHack website for eternal glory and bragging rights.