BornHack 2017: Call for Speakers 2017-05-03

BornHack 2017 is a 7 day outdoor tent camping festival for hackers, makers, and anyone interested in technology and society, and how the two interact. BornHack 2017 will take place from the 22nd to the 29th of August 2017 on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. This will be the second time BornHack takes place and it is time to make tradition.

We are looking for talented, humorous, inspiring, and/or provocative speakers to host talks, lightning talks, and workshops at BornHack.

We are very open to different topics. We expect that the majority of the presentations at BornHack will be on security, networking, programming, distributed systems, privacy, and how these technologies relate to society.

BornHack is trying to be an inclusive event so please make sure you have read and understood our Code of Conduct.

Regular Talk

Regular talks are 45 minutes of presentation, 10 minutes of questions from the audience followed by 5 minutes of preparation for setting up the next speaker.

Please bring your own laptop with your presentation on; it should have an ordinary HDMI output and we will provide the cable to the projector. We do not guarantee that audio will work, even if your laptop supports it - please reach out to us early if this is a requirement.

We will provide you with a one-day entrance ticket free of charge, but due to our limited funds, you'll have to pay for transportation to and from the event yourself. We also encourage you to participate for the entire week, but then you need to buy a full event ticket.

Lightning Talk

Lightning talks are 10 minutes of presentation. A provided laptop will be connected to the projector at the location of the presentations. Please make sure you have your slides submitted to the content team no later than 24 hours before the lightning talk session begins.

A lightning talk is an excellent opportunity for inexperienced speakers to share an interesting idea, presentation, or maybe just a small story.

You MUST buy yourself an entrance ticket to host a lightning talk; we are unable to offer free tickets for everyone giving a lightning talk.


We have two workshop areas that will be able to host workshops for approximately 20 people per room. Workshops can be up to 3 hours per slot and can be extended for daily workshops.

If you are camping with a village, or there is a village related to your workshop, you are of course also welcome to host sessions there.

You MUST buy yourself an entrance ticket to host a workshop; we are unable to offer free tickets for everyone hosting a workshop.

Submitting Content

Please submit talks, lightning talks, and workshops for BornHack 2017 as early as possible. You can submit content via our website:

  1. Create an account on our website.
  2. Visit our proposal site.
  3. Propose a new speaker.
  4. Propose a new event.

We will review incoming proposals and notify you as early as possible on whether the proposal was accepted. Proposals submitted before 1st of July will be notified by us no later than the 16th of July. Late submissions are welcome, but we might be running low on available slots at that time.

If you want to hold any kind of session or event within BornHack, that does not seem to fit into above formats, please contact us via We are very happy to give a platform to a wide variety of events.

Contact Information

The BornHack content team can be reached at - for general questions regarding the event please reach out to the info team at

We are reachable via IRC in #BornHack on (6nbtgccn5nbcodn3.onion) on port 6697 with TLS.

For more information, news, and other event updates, please have a look at our website or follow us on Twitter at @BornHax