Announcing the BornHack 2016 Badge 2016-08-14

We are excited to announce that all participants at BornHack 2016 will receive an electronic name badge. From the get-go the badge is a Joule Thief circuit powering an LED to light up the name of the owner.

You can see a picture of the kit here and an assembled badge here. We also caught a picture of an assembled badge by night, and we have a rendering of the lanyards that come with the name badges.

The badge is designed with a large prototyping area (both hole-through and surface-mount) which you can use to modify the badge. At the end of the week the three best badge hacks will win prices and fame. Read more about the badge at our info page and on Github.

We owe a big thank you to Thomas Flummer from Danish makerspace Labitat for helping out with the design and production of the badges. You can meet Thomas at the Badge Workshop monday evening.

We also want to thank the sponsor of the badges, TykTech.