Talk: Running "server-less" applications in the cloud using AWS Lambda 2016-08-11

When moving workloads to the "cloud", why settle for simply running virtual machines, that might as well be running in the datacenter. Why spend time maintaining the operating system layer at all? Using AWS Lambda it is now possible to run code without caring about the underlying operating system. AWS Lambda will scale the code to run on as many machines is necessary to answer the requests. But how does it work? What tools can be used to use it effeciently? How can we build a simple web service using a bit of Python code, and some AWS magic.

Loke Dupont

Loke Dupont is currently Head of Services with Xstream and has worked with streaming video technology since 2008 for Xstream and TDC. He has worked with plenty of different video encoders, streaming servers and DRM technology.

Lately he has been focused on AWS, and how to move web applications to the "cloud" as well as building AWS native applications.