Talk: European politics: What you can do for me^H^H all of us. 2016-08-10

There is an abundance of proposed laws, regulations, initatiatives, trade agreements, etc., that we all can see will do nothing good for our security and privacy. A lot of the technology most people use every day seems to be designed to undermine our right to privacy.

Some of this is caused by a fundamental lack of understanding of technology, some on greed, some is just evil.

We can fight this on a political level, as e.g., European Digital Rights and IT-Pol do.

But we can also oppose it from our home ground. Using techology. We already have, of course. Imagine where we would be without Free Software, PGP, TOR, Blockchains, etc.

But where do we stand today? And how do we take advantage of our hacker skills. I will give a brief overviews based mostly on current European politics. Then we will have an open discussion about the way forward.

Niels Elgaard Larsen

Niels have been teaching Computer Science at University of Copenhagen, later worked on optimization, databases, and administrative system. He now do IT consulting and training courses based on Free Software.

Niels is vice-chairman of IT-Political Association of Denmark and has been fighting for digital rights in Denmark and Europe for two decades.