Talk: Introduction to Modern Video Streaming Technology 2016-08-07

How can you stream to users on a wealth of devices using a few simple formats? How can you make sure that all users can watch your video with changing network conditions and over unstable network links? We will go through some fo the technology behind video streaming technology as used by almost all larger video streaming services today. We will also walk through how to use open source tools to achieve comparable quality to the big guys, and how to setup players across a bunch of platforms. Tools used will be ffmpeg, Bento4, Shaka Player etc.

Loke Dupont

Loke Dupont is currently Head of Services with Xstream and has worked with streaming video technology since 2008 for Xstream and TDC. He has worked with plenty of different video encoders, streaming servers and DRM technology.

Lately he has been focused on AWS, and how to move web applications to the "cloud" as well as building AWS native applications.