Village tent prices considerably reduced 2016-08-04

We are very pleased to announce that we closed a deal with a new village tent supplier today, resulting in considerably lower prices. The savings range from 25% on the smaller and up to 60% on the biggest tents! Note that BornHack does not make a profit on village tents - neither with the old nor with the new supplier. The prices have already been updated in the shop.

We put a lot of effort into picking the right suppliers for the different parts of BornHack. Since Bornholm is an island we prefer local suppliers whenever possible. Saving transportation costs (both financial and environmental) is a big factor when choosing suppliers. But in this case the difference in price between the local and a mainland vendor was simply too big to ignore.

We understand that these new prices will allow more camps and villages to rent a tent for BornHack and we are obviously thrilled about that.

Please note that village tents must be ordered no later than August 21st!